Wright Jr High Reunion 2016

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lost your yearbook?

We have electronic copies in the Class Contacts page

Join some of our classmates on the Facebook page by joining Orville Wright Jr. High group and hook up with some of your old friends!

The 2010 and the 2016 reunion was a huge success!!

What a hoot seeing all our old friends. We all hope you had a great time!

Thanks to all the Committee members for all their work.

A special thanks to John Ledermanand Dani Turner for all their work. Without them, it never would have happened.

Click Here for 2010 Reunion Album 1

Click Here for 2010 Reunion Album 2

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In 2010 we also donated almost $2,000.00 to the school to use for items such as copy paper, Kleenex, and audio equipment.  Since they don’t have to pay sales tax we let the school purchase the items they needed.

2010 Wright Reunion Committee

In 2010 the committee used the left over funds to have this plaque installed on the propeller at Wright to commemorate its time as our Jr High.